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Common problems and their solutions

Caring for life and protecting health is the attitude of every Ramzed employee. Since its establishment, Ramzed is determined to make contributions to national health care. While Ramzed people are committed to innovation and development, they also bear in mind their social responsibility.

Basis and structure of Color Doppler Ultrasound

Ramzed independently designs, develops and produces all kinds of high-end imaging and radiotherapy equipment. Based on full coverage and independent innovation advantages, it enhances medical quality, reduces medical costs, and creates a fair, healthy and harmonious medical environment, as well as benefits the health of the people and the whole world.

Clinical application teaching

Service is the continuation of product vitality. Ramzed has greatly promoted the service concept shift from the traditional "technical service" oriented by "equipment life cycle" to the "caring service" oriented by "customer success". It has helped improving the level of medical profession and service, and opened Service 2.0 era.

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