Brief introduction of branch company

Suzhou Scott Imaging Technology Co., Ltd.

Suzhou Scott Imaging Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research and develop of high-end color ultrasonic imaging diagnostic system. The company is located at Medical Equipment Industrial Park, High Tech Zone,Suzhou, Jiangsu province and owns completely independent intellectual property rights, and it covers from research and development, production, marketing to services. After 2 years of research and development, Suzhou Scott owns completely independent intellectual property rights on ultrasonic products, from its principle, hardware, algorithm,imaging techniques to image processing technology.

The company currently has a core research and development team with nearly 20 people, including 2 with doctoral degree or post doctoral, 5 with master degree.The ones with bachelor’s degree or above accounts for more than 60% of all R&D employees, at the same time, all high-end R & D personnel have rich experience in ultrasound technology in international or domestic medical equipment industry.




The company attaches great importance to personnel training and technical research and development has invested more than 20 million RMB on professional ultrasound technology research and development. After more than 2 years of technical research and development, the current ultrasonic technology platform the company owns has reached the advanced level at home, and the high-end professional color Doppler ultrasound is at the top level in this area in the world. The company owns more than 10 inventions and 17 patents for utility models, meanwhile, 8 software copyrights and 1 patent of invention is still under review for approval.The major products are bogie type color ultrasound imaging system of ST-E series products (ST-E5, ST-E6, ST-E7, ST-E8, ST-E9, ST-E10), portable color ultrasound imaging system of ST-A series products (ST-A2, ST-A3, ST-A4, ST-A5, ST-A6, ST-A8, ST-A9) and hand-held color ultrasound imaging system (WIFI/USB two interface transmission optional). In particular, the hand-held color ultrasound imaging system our company launched with completely independent intellectual property rights ,which is the first domestic hand-held color ultrasound imaging product with battery life of up to 6 hours, WIFI (at the same band) transmission distance up to 20 meters, and signals going through three walls.

In 2016, our company together with Hunan RunKun Pharmaceutical established a joint company Hunan Ramzed Medical Imaging Technology Co., Ltd., after that, R & D team further grew, business operations further expanded, and product categories were further enriched. The company will insist on the spirit of enterprise of “harmony, struggling, loyalty and win-win”and business philosophy of “innovation, excellence, kindness, integrity ” and will persist in constantly exploration, innovation, and to create a specialized excellent high-tech medical equipment enterprise.


湖南康润药业有限公司的前身是湖南景达生物工程有限公司全资子公司——湖南景达制药有限公司,成立于2002年7月,位于国家级岳阳经济技术开发区内,占地4.5万平方米,注册资本3781.67万元,是致力于生物制药、生物诊断类产品的集研发、生产、销售于一体的高新技术企业。拥有国家发展改革委员会办公厅授牌的“丙型肝炎病毒核心抗原诊断试剂盒”及“全氟丙烷人血白蛋白微球注射液”高技术产业化示范工程,拥有一批自主知识产权的高新技术产品,承担了多个“863”计划、“十二五”重大专项等国家重大科技计划项目。公司现有资产2.9亿,固定资产7000多万。 湖南康润药业有限公司控股湖南润泽医疗影像科技有限公司,湖南润泽医疗影像科技有限公司注册资本为5000万,是湖南康润药业有限公司与苏州斯科特医学影像科技有限公司于2016年4月21日合资成立的以生物医药开发生产,一类医疗器械、二类医疗器械、三类医疗器械的生产、销售,医学影像技术产品的研发等为主的企业。



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