Digital Medical X-ray Photography System

Hunan Ramzed Medical “Nova” Series


Classic structure makes it convenient for installation and use.
Classic double-column design, no blind angle for projection
Flexible and compact in structure, no extra requirement for installation.
No frequent operation, smart following could be performed in Projection position.
Wireless tablet design, could be used in multi-position, multi-angle comprehensive photography.
Equipped with energy storing power supply system, so as to be installed in remote village clinics .
Product Configuration
350mm×430mm (14*17inch)/430mm×430mm(17*17inch) wired and wireless (WIFI) digital detector are optional.
Single phase 220V and three-phase 380V are both supported for power supply.
Manual and electronic systems are both available for camera control.
Motion Control and Safety
Excellent Image Chain System
Fast image processing technology (imaging in 5 seconds)
Plentiful image processing and application technology
Patients information input and retrieval management
Both PACS network print and instant print are supported
DICOM3.0 agreement is fully supported, which realizes cloud remote image diagnosis.
Value-Added Services
Upgrade of normal X-ray apparatus to digital X-ray photography system.
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