Medical Imaging System

Full digital color wireless portable ultrasonic diagnosis system

Beautiful Appearance &Powerful Functions.
It’s the lightest wireless handheld color Doppler ultrasound imaging system with WIFI interface.
It’s a high-performance handheld wireless color Doppler ultrasound which can be used to detect the whole body. In addition, it owns advanced self-adaption.
Accurate transmit receive control technology and efficient multi-channel parallel processing technology easy to take and exchange data.
Easy to use, so that you do not need to make a difficult choice between performance and portability.
Advanced digital imaging technology
Cross platform operating system
Touch screen and knob combination

High-end medical equipment

Ramzed designs, develops and produces all kinds of high-end imaging and radiotherapy equipment independently . With the advantage of full coverage and independent innovation , it enhances medical quality, reduces medical costs, and creates a fair, healthy and harmonious medical environment, as well as benefits the health of the people and the whole world.

Excellent Image quality

Clinical application

Anesthesia /Pain
Including: peripheral nerve block, muscle or joint injection; vascular catheterization, cardiopulmonary function test during the perioperative period
Advantages: ultrasound can clearly show the structure of skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, fascia tissue and bone joint so that the puncture needle can accurately locate. It can be used to detect the drug diffusion and treatment effect of acute / chronic pain, such as shoulder pain and knee joint pain and so on.
Emergency and critical diseases
Including: Fast ultrasound evaluation, effective improvement of clinical strategy.
Advantages: As a "visible stethoscope", it can be used for real-time detection and review of patients in emergency and ICU conditions, which provides timely and accurate guidance for the treatment of critical patients.
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